A Diamond Of A Moth Killer! This Works!

It seems you aren't alone in your search for ways to stop moths eating your clothes, carpet or food, with reports of moth infestations on the rise as

Steps To Get Rid Of Moths!

Clothes Moths How To Get Rid Of Them To Get Rid Of Moths successfully you need to know the order of actions - for example, there's no benefit in goin

Improved Living Means More Clothes Moths!

Picture the scenario - you go into your 3 year old's wardrobe to get her clothes out and find her favourite trousers have some small holes in them....

Cedar Drawer Liners: Why You Need Them

For a natural, aromatic and long lasting Moth Repellent look no further than Cedar Wood, because it's the sap in the cedar that provides a truly natur

Vacuum Storage Bags Help Fight Against Moths!

If you're short of wardrobe space there are several solutions... either you get rid of some clothes or somehow get some extra hanging space! Who

Moth Balls, yes but with a modern twist!

If you're looking for Moth Repellents, don't be fooled into thinking that Mothballs are a thing of the past - you may remember them from your grandpar

Make Use Of Peva To Protect From Moths!

Moths LOVE natural fibres! This is part of the problem in modern times... more of us have more natural fibres in our clothes now than ever before and

Clothing Eating Moths – Webbing & Casemaking Clothes Moths

Many don't realise that it isn't all Moths that eat your clothes... and in fact it isn't even the Moths themselves that are eating them, but the Moth

Even Jennifer Aniston Should Beware Of Moths!

Glamour Fashion revealed how Jennifer Aniston is something of a clothes hoarder.... ....naturally anyone would expect a Celebrity such as Jennifer An

Stop Moths Coming Into Your Home!

When faced with a Moth Infestation - no matter how big or small - you are no doubt asking yourself "How Did Moths Get Into My Home?!" Is it something